Summer Reading List


This is probably the first time I’ve actually written out a TBR list, but this summer hopefully won’t be quite as busy as some have been previously (who am I kidding, of course it’s going to be busy and I probably won’t read half of these), and I wanted to actually read a nice conglomeration of genres.  Some of these are on my mom’s recommendation (having a mom with a major in English lit is so convenient sometimes!), some are from friends, and some from other people’s TBR lists.  Anyway, here goes!

The Gospel Primer, by Milton Vincent ~ Because we all need to meditate on the gospel more.  This one was on a friend’s recommendation.

No Ordinary Marriage, by Tim Savage ~ No, I am not thinking about getting married anytime soon! XP  Tim Savage was my parents’ pastor several years ago, and I figure his call to sacrificial love applies to anyone.

Something by C. S. Lewis ~ either Surprised by Joy, Reflections on the Psalms, or The Four Loves. I don’t read nearly as much Lewis as I’d like; we have this big book with four of his works in it, and those were the three that my mom has read.

Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow ~ My brother has been talking about the Hamilton soundtrack for weeks now.  I saw a review on Aberdeen’s blog, and now I have to read it.  It’ll probably end up being the biggest, thickest item I’ll read all year

Wuthering Heights, by Charlotte Bronte ~ Basically, I wanted to read some classics, and my mom said, “Bronte is always good.”  I know it’s dark, but I hadn’t read Wuthering Heights yet.  I’m not sure whether or not I’m looking forward to it…

Pendragon’s Heir, by Suzannah Rowntree ~ I keep hearing about it, and I just need to actually order it from the library.

Beauty, by Robin McKinley ~ I saw this one on The Herosinger.  I’ve always enjoyed fairy-tale retellings..

A Branch of Silver a Branch of Gold, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl ~ Another fairy-tale retelling I saw on Victoria’s blog.  I loved the Goldstone Wood trilogy, and I’m so excited to read more of her work!

Storming, by K. M. Weiland ~ I read the sample off of the Kindle store, and have been shamefully neglecting to get it ever since (and I already read Behold the Dawn and Dreamlander.  I guess I’m just averse to spending money if I don’t have to).  Dieselpunk adventure and planes and awesomeness.

Well that’s my official reading list!  Whether all of these will actually get read is debatable; especially the theological ones, since I typically just read them during breakfast (of course, I could always just take longer to eat breakfast, but the practical half of my brain insists that I have school that needs to happen.  And yes, I have school during summer.  It’s the dark side of homeschooling XD). And I have another list on my whiteboard of “books to read sometime,” so some of those may end up in the mix.  What do you think?  What are you reading this summer?


14 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. *wants to read these, especially Hamilton* And for Wuthering Heights, did you mean Emily Bronte? I’ve read Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre so I’m wondering how Wuthering Heights stacks up in relation to that.

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      1. It was really good! Definitely darker than the average “romance” but I love the themes in it so much, and Bronte’s imagery was so good. ❤ What about you?

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  2. Oh my word, The Gospel Primer is so good. I can’t recommend it enough (which I guess I don’t need to, since it’s on your list, but I’m going to rave about it anyway). It opened my eyes to how important it is for Christians to review the Gospel and how the Gospel can continue changing your life. It’s so true and both encouraging and convicting. Plus, he’s got it in poem form (so beautiful) and prose form (great for meditating on). Read it, read it.
    Ooh, I hope you can read Alexander Hamilton, and we’ll have to compare thoughts on A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold and Storming, since I want to read those too. =D
    Happy reading!


  3. Looks cool, Katherine!
    “Beauty” is so good. Rather romantic, yes, but the romance is pure and so sweet and lovely. I’m planning to review that one on my blog at some point. 😉 Robin McKinley is an awesome author. =D
    “Wuthering Heights” is… a little dark, and pretty sad, but I enjoyed reading it. It’s a book that makes an impression, and the writing is so powerful.
    (Glad I found your blog, fellow Bible-Bee-er! :))

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  4. Oh, wow! I’ve read both Beauty and Dreamlander! Have you gotten to read Beauty yet? (It is so amazing!!!) If you are looking for more Lewis to read you should try The Great Divorce. It’s really interesting.

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    1. I haven’t read Beauty yet, but it’s on hold from the library for my Kindle, so I should get it in just a few days. I read The Great Divorce a while back, actually! What did you think of it? I’m reading The Four Loves right now, and it’s really good.

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      1. You are going to love Beauty! I thought The Great Divorce was really good as long as I kept in mind that it wasn’t how Lewis was saying things actually were but just an allegory. 😉


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