The Most Awesome Vacation Ever

So Schuyler did a simply wonderful link up on her blog this month.  Essentially, you get to take all your favorite characters on vacation. *dances for joy* Plainly this disregards the difficulty of choosing best friends; but anyway.  Here goes. (And I feel like I’m copying a lot of people, so I’m sorry if I stole your idea)

//The Cook//

I know this is somewhat cliche, but I have to go with Samwise Gamgee from LOtR.  He’s so down to earth, and he can make lovely meals out of pretty much anything.

//The Storyteller//

WHY IS THIS SO HARD.  Eanrin from Goldstone Wood, I guess.  I feel like he should be the comic relief, but he would be much offended.  We just have to make sure his stories aren’t all about Lady Gleamdren…

//The Musician//

Leeli Wingfeather from The Wingfeather Saga.  Because obviously.

//The Defender//

I had this figured out.  Why am I forgetting?  Probably because there are so many great defenders in literature.  Kelsier would be an excellent choice, except he’s kind of violent…  Oh, now I remember!  Artham Wingfeather.  Because who wouldn’t want him around for protection on a nice, peaceful vacation?

//The Adventurer//

Reepicheep, from the Narnia books.  I always loved him, and he’d be the one to get us all in trouble for sure.  But he always has his eyes on Aslan’s country.  He’d keep the rest of us on track.

//The Comedian//

Mr. MacPhee, the Ulsterman from That Hideous Strength.  I crack up at him every time I read that book.  He couldn’t be told about his position, though.  He’d consider himself the philosopher on the trip.

//The Doctor//

I really can’t think of many for this.  Elrond is pretty much the best healer ever, but I don’t think he’d leave Rivendell.  I’ll just go with Doctor Watson.  I think he’d be pretty chill with all of our shenanigans, after Mr. Holmes.

//The Counselor//

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.  She’s always calm and cool, and if she could manage to keep her own family from blowing up I’m pretty sure she could manage this group.

//The Pastor//

Martin Arwitten from The Staff and the Sword trilogy.  He’s just generally a nice person.  He’s so kind and compassionate to Errol, and I feel like he would fit right in and be a surprising lot of help on a quest or adventure or whatever this is  *ahem* a vacation.

//The Mechanic//

There really are not many of these running around in books.  I wonder why that is?  Anyways, I’m sure Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles would be delighted to come.  It’s not like she’s not used to strange, eclectic groups of individuals.

So if I disappear for a few weeks, just know I’m off in the mountains of Tennessee with probably the greatest bunch of friends that ever was.  Or maybe enemies.  But I think we’ll be having fun anyway.  Oh, and if you hear about any narrowly averted disasters it was probably just us saving the world again.

What do you think?  Will we have fun?  Have you made the acquaintance of these wonderful people already?


13 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Vacation Ever

  1. Such awesome choices! Elizabeth Bennet! Martin Arwitten! And I agree, Elrond would be an awesome healer, but it might be hard to persuade him to leave the weighty affairs of Middle Earth for a pleasure trip. I love your characters! Thanks so much for participating! 😀


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  2. I loved this! 🙂 According to a personality test, I have the same personality as Samwise,so you can take me along as a substitute. I loved the variety of the characters in this post, too — though some were definitely from Katherine sort of books :).

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