All the Things ~ Monthly Wrap-Up ~ July

Well, it’s summer.  For us Floridians, that means we generally live in 90+ degree weather and go swimming at the beach every day.  (Unless you’re like me and you just stay inside all day long and enjoy the air conditioning.  That works too.)


GUYS I STARTED A BOOK.  It’s probably going to take forever because senior year starts in *counts on fingers* about a month, BUT HEY that doesn’t mean I can’t write a book.  Right now my OCD side is rebelling against me with a vengeance, because I like perfect first drafts and I honestly have no idea where about half of this story is going.  But you know what, that’s okay.  I’m trusting that God actually does want me to write this story, and He’ll guide me through the craziness of plotting.  Prayer would be appreciated, if you think about it!


So many things.  Let’s see… (In no particular order, and this may not be entirely correct)

Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
Pendragon’s Heir by Suzannah Rowntree
Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman
Beauty by Robin McKinley

No Ordinary Marriage by Tim Savage
The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

Favorites:  Pendragon’s Heir was so good.  The level of care and thought put into it is just breathtaking.  Both the nonfiction books were good too.  No Ordinary Marriage opened my eyes to some aspects of God’s glory and how I should be loving others on a day-to-day basis, and obviously C.S. Lewis is wonderful.

Currently reading:  Bleak House by Dickens; Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper (that one has provoked a good many unfortunate jokes in my family).


Among other things…

A couple of poems (Wonder Why and Sky Burning)

short story about creeks and boats and growing up

And I’m nearly done with a series on the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus in the book of John (Parts 1~2~3~4~5~6)

A couple of friends also started their own blogs recently.  Belle’s blog, Seeing Everything Else, is “an exploration of how God is enough in every part of life.”  And one of my best friends, Katya, recently restarted her blog on WordPress.  She writes about Scripture and life with Christ.  Go check them out!


Pretty much everything.  A couple of new artists I’ve been enjoying lately are Jason Gray and Josh Garrels.  And here are a couple of theme songs for the novel:

//Life in General//

BIBLE BEE.  The Test is next Saturday.  If you think about it, pray for all the contestants and staff, that we would keep God’s glory as our focus.  If you don’t know what BB is go here)

Also we’re going to Kentucky!  A convention and the Creation Museum and a nice long road trip to get a lot of writing done.

Also #2, I got Twitter!  My username is @2hobbits if you want to follow me (it was an unintentional username.  I meant to pick something more relevant).

So, what’s going on with all of you?  Are you sweltering in the heat?  Would you like to come visit us and our beaches?


9 thoughts on “All the Things ~ Monthly Wrap-Up ~ July

  1. Oh my goodness, congrats on starting a book! I can totally relate to your OCD-ness. Just write. First drafts are never perfect, so just get it all out there. =D
    Ahhh, I love Pendragon’s Heir. It was one of my overall favorite reads from last year. And both of those songs are some of my favorites. ❤
    I'll be praying about the Bible Bee! And have tons of fun at the Creation Museum; it's amazing.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m trying! xD I’m actually taking this week (mostly) off, to study for BB and figure out some of the plot, but I’m hoping to get a lot done on the trip!
      Yesss… I love those songs too =)

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  2. I just found Seeing Everything Else via Belle’s article on The Rebelution! small world. O.O Congratulations on all that reading, too!! How did the Bible Bee test go?? I think this is the first year in probably 5 that I haven’t done it….

    Liked by 1 person

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