60 Seconds

60 seconds

light, life
rays of a new world
approaching the horizon
like a charcoal sun
we wait in agony
of loneliness
and hope

45 seconds

silhouettes of skylines pierce
clouded ceramic sky
like razors
bounded by the crumbling relics
of days when truth
was more than

30 seconds

how far have we fallen
from those forgotten days
how long have we scrabbled
in the dust
how far have we

25 seconds

ashes of failure
coat the sky
the tattered dress
of the girl
who begs for food

20 seconds

lost in this darkness
so long
where the light is
no one knows
but some of us
saw stars

15 seconds

reflections, echoes
we don’t know
the source or destination
but we reached up anyway
the saviors

10 seconds

the woman hands the girl
a piece of bread –
her last
they don’t know the dawn
about to break

5 seconds

now it begins
or ends
from death there will be

4 seconds

did we do it

make the right

3 seconds

the woman smiles,

no going back

2 seconds

and now i think
i see the light
we longed for

1 second

beep beep beep
close your eyes
cover your ears
no time to mourn

0 seconds

exploding darkness
it is done
we have succeeded
we the saviors

now we seek



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