Siren Songs

siren song calling
i feel myself falling
entrancing, enthralling,
i’m drifting away

siren song waking
my soul’s resolve breaking
unbreakable aching
has come here to stay

siren song biting
my flesh and soul writing
this conflict i’m fighting
and cannot escape

siren song beating
and now I am fleeing
my soul you are freeing
i’m bound by Your grace.


8 thoughts on “Siren Songs

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the ending was very much by God’s grace – we’ve been going through Romans as a family, and there are similar themes there; and then it went with the rhyme scheme and it was a perfect fit with the rest of the poem =D

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      1. Ah, yes. I was basically the same way until I took a lit/poetry class and a creative writing class from the same teacher a couple years ago. I still don’t read as much as I should =P


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