2016 // Valediction

Oh the river is flowing
Ever always away
And the mornings go with it
Like mists on the breeze
And a bit of my heart flows away…
(River Running)

Well, 2016 was… interesting. So many things, so many thoughts, so much craziness in so many ways.

{and no, I’m not going to talk about the election or politics today. most of those things make me want to bang my head against a wall, and I want this to be a happy post.}

So this post will basically be the highlights of this year, as seen through my ever opening eyes.


Well, yes, this has to come first; because after all, this was the year I started blogging in the first place. In fact, New Year’s Eve marks exactly nine months since the first post.

I’m so glad I did start, too. I’ve grown unbelievably as a writer (I think from having to write for an audience, and also having to be somewhat consistent *ahem*). And I’ve gained so many friends through it, too! I had no idea the blogosphere was such a community. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year:


Oh yes, we have to talk about books, don’t we? I read some great books this year, and also some not-so-great ones. Here are my favorites:

I’ve loved A.E. Stengle’s books ever since I started the Goldstone Wood series last year (I think Moonblood was probably the first fiction I read in 2017?). I discovered Patrick Carr last year as well, but his new series is.. just… wow. And Pendragon’s Heir was some of the best fantasy I’ve read in a long time.


You may remember that earlier this year I said I had started a novel? Well, that’s still happening, Lord willing. But right now it’s on hold both because I need to outline it a lot more, and because I started a new project.


I will say I didn’t really expect to write a nonfiction book. But this subject is very close to my heart, and I felt God calling me to write a book about it.

I also did a lot more poetry this year than I have in any previous time frame. I think the main reason is, again, that I started blogging. Maybe it gave me extra motivation or inspiration, I don’t know.


This was a pretty great year in music. I discovered some artists I love, and of course there were new releases as well.

I love Sara Groves’ music. It’s so real and true, and way deeper than you would think. I discovered it for the first time this year through a Spotify radio station and Victoria’s blog.

Jason Gray I discovered through the Rabbit Room. His style is more contemporary/pop than I usually enjoy, but I like his lyrics. They’re deeper than a lot of the “Christian” music out there.

Aaaand, the Gray Havens! Officially one of my most favorite bands ever. They released their new album, Ghost of a King, this year, and it’s unbelievably beautiful. Just… go listen to it.


What is it about growing up? Now that it’s my senior year in high school, it feels like all of a sudden everything’s changing very quickly and I’m growing so much more than ever before.

This summer we went to Kentucky for a home business conference. That was a lot of fun (family road trips, anyone?), and a huge learning experience. I ended up spending lots of time with a good friend and her family, and it was actually out of that and one of the talks that I decided to write God, Jesus, Bible.

And of course there was Bible Bee. I’m sorry to talk about it so much, but when you study for something from June through November it’s kind of a big part of your life. Again, I learned an awful lot from John 13-15 (over the summer), 1 John (August to November), and the whole experience at Nationals. I’m not going to talk about it any more right now, but you can find my recap in the link above if you want to read it.


 Well, that’s about it for 2016. Not like a blog post can really sum it up; you can’t ever tell the whole story of all the moments that made it, that’s something only you and God can know in the end. But these were some of the biggest ones.

Praise the Lord for His goodness and kindness this year! Trusting in Him for all that will come…

Oh the river is flowing
Till it flows all away
And my fears will flow with it
LIke mists on the breeze
And my heart will be whole in the day

How was 2016 for you? What’s your favorite memory? The best book? Your biggest moment?


One thought on “2016 // Valediction

  1. Hey Katherine! It sounds like you got a ton done this year, so YAY for productivity! I also loved the college of photos you put at the end 🙂 And you are already astonishingly good to make it so far in Bible Bee!!

    Liked by 1 person

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