Classes, Calendars and Creativity // January Monthly Wrap Up

Well, here we are. The end of January. A month ago some friends and I were sitting on a dock, sort of low-key celebrating the new year (since we missed the countdown), and it seems like it was only a couple weeks ago. It’s a good deal colder now (for Florida, at least), so I’ve gotten to wear all my cold-weather clothing the past several days. I don’t want it to warm up, but our cold snaps are nearly over so I’m sure it will soon. =P


Lots happened this January. I got my senior pictures on the first Saturday of the month, and it was a wonderful time running around town with my brother and my dad, getting cafe con leche for the first time, enduring leaves tickling my legs and bark falling on my head as my brother tried to get me to laugh for the camera.

I started an online class too, with Patrick Henry College. So far I haven’t gotten *too* behind on my homework, and I’ve mostly figured out the technological side of things, so that’s cool. I’m hoping to get a job soon; that’s going to put my schedule into the realm of crazy, but that’s okay. If I’ve been learning one thing over the course of this month, it’s trusting God. The new bullet journal helps a lot with organizing, too!


Let’s see, what happened this month?

I did a sort of intro post to the year, and then a really fun challenge involving quotes (part 1 // part 2 // part 3). I also reviewed G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown Stories, and I wrote a Petrarchan sonnet on writing and feeling inadequate. I did some articles, too.






I’ve been working away on the first draft of God, Jesus, Bible, and it seems to be going okay so far. I hate first drafts – they’re not perfect, and I’m a perfectionist. Still, I’m learning! And I have a fairly detailed outline, which I’m learning is something I need.

In terms of writing other than nonfiction, I feel like I’ve had writer’s block lately. I was wanting to enter some writing contests I found with short stories or poetry, but I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. Thankfully, that seems to be lightening up – over the past few days I’ve been getting a bunch of good ideas, scribbling little phrases on my whiteboard, and hopefully I’ll be able to work on them soon! So praise God for that.

ALSO. Something very exciting happened over the past month! Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe from The Rebelution have been putting together a bunch of resources for young writers, and that culminated with the Young Writer’s Workshop, a membership site to guide and encourage young writers. I joined, and I’m really excited about it! (If you’re interested in joining, the deadline is today {Thursday}; although I think registration will be open again later this year).


Sadly, I only finished two books this month. That’s the consequence of reading too many at once, haha!

Sophie’s World was something I had to read for school; it was intriguing, and surprisingly well-written for trying to be a philosophy history book in fiction form. {Review}

How to Study the Bible was really short, and I mostly read it as research for my book; it was a good basic overview of the inductive study method, along with some other helpful resources. {Review}

And here are all the books I’m reading currently (the reason I haven’t finished any of them XD).

And this would be why the bookworm gets overwhelmed. =P Those last two are actually for my dual enrollment class, though. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for reading lately, either, but on Tuesday night I had a good hour or so to just sit and read Wingfeather Tales with my tea and toast. (And WOW that book is good. Expect a review as soon as I’m finished!)


This is the title song from Ellie Holcomb’s newest album, Red Sea Road. I’m finding I really like the album; her voice is unique, and the music is quite well done.

I found this one through a really long playlist of Christian Folk music that my brother sent me. It’s really pretty. I’m not entirely sure what the lyrics mean, though. Any thoughts?

//Looking Ahead//

I think at some point I mentioned that I wanted to do a spoken word poem. Well, that’s been written, and I’m planning on getting it recorded and filmed soon! I thankfully have a brother who makes music and knows about sound, and a dad with a good camera who should be great at filming. So keep an eye out for that!

A while back I said I wanted to put together a collection of poetry, etc., that I’ve had on the blog. I’ve been rather busy with a lot of different things, but I’m hoping to make some time to put that together this month! I may have a post on it soon, we’ll see.

Talk to me! How has your January been? What are you looking forward to in February?


2 thoughts on “Classes, Calendars and Creativity // January Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I always enjoy these posts about what has been going on in your life! What writing contests are you thinking about entering? I was actually looking at some this morning and afternoon, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for — at least not for cheap or free writing contests. 🙂

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