Shout Out to the Artists

// A letter to all the writers, all the singers of songs, all the artists who have changed my life //

The first time I met you was through books. I stepped through the wardrobe or into a boxcar, and I met friends who would stay with me for the rest of my life. I journeyed with them and joined their grand adventures. I watched them fail, and I watched them triumph, and somewhere along the line I think I learned something from their victories (although more from the failures).

Then I discovered the wide world of music. I listened along to the music my dad played in the car, and soon I was hoarding the CD player in my room. It was a long time, but eventually I found Christian music that I loved, and from there I discovered the entire world of Christian Folk, and Spotify became a mainstay of my computer time (and one of the most-used apps on my Kindle).


You’ll probably never know the impact of your words. You built doorways, and I stepped into them. You created people, and they became my friends (and mortal enemies). I spent my days pretending to be inside the worlds you created; and then when I got older they informed the way I saw my own.

You’ll never know how your music stuck with me. How I’ve listened to the songs so often that they’ve become more like old friends. How I sing them quietly to myself in the middle of a crowd, or loudly when I’m home alone. You’ll never know how the albums on my iPod keep me company when I can’t sleep, or the playlist full of songs that point me back to the truth when I’m feeling lonely or sad.


And you’ll never know how you inspired me. It was because of you that I started writing stories. You showed me the importance of truth, and the essence of beauty. You showed me how to make worlds and how to weave words together and how to create for the glory of God.

So thank you. Thank you to all of the artists, living and dead, who make it their business to build things of beauty in a broken world. Thank you to those who shine the light of truth into the darkness, to the bloggers with thirty-eight followers and the published authors; those who are my friends, and those I’ll never meet. Thank you for inspiring me and shaping my world.

In Nomine Jesu. Soli Deo Gloria.


14 thoughts on “Shout Out to the Artists

  1. This is so true and so beautiful and just /yes/.
    And I love both your book choice for the photos and your song choice for the end. *grins* It made me smile seeing my lyric video being used. =D

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  2. This is beautiful, thanks! And I’m sure you also have that yearning to someday be one of those wonderful artists who hold forth a light in the darkness, inspiring, impacting, changing… We owe so much to those people!

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