Of Coffee and Camping Trips // Sketches

//I did a Sketches post a while back, and I’ve been wanting to do another. I think these posts are going to end up being periodic lifey updates, journal things, and general poeticness (hopefully). I have an announcement of sorts at the end of this post, too. Enjoy. :)//


Coffee’s an odd little beast. I’ve spent most of my life disliking it, but under the influence of the Cuban stuff that’s so ubiquitous in Florida, I’m starting to change my mind. Tonight I’m having it iced, by request of my recently burnt tongue. My earbuds are in; the playlist is reminiscent of goodbyes and hope, and it blocks out noises from the other room where my mom and brothers are watching a show. It’s a rare and beautiful evening where my watch is free from other demands and I can just write – an email, a poem, revisions to a story. (And I don’t know who Roget was, but his thesaurus and I are best friends).

Our youth group had a campout recently. It was a short weekend full of hard ground and Florida-freezing temperatures, smoke in my eyes and the realization that I don’t actually own winter clothes. But it was a good weekend. Conversations and laughter with so many different friends – building new relationships and cementing the old ones even further. Lots of laughter. There was studying Philippians in the morning in the back of a pickup truck, learning from a woman so much wiser than I. There was the twelve-mile bike ride (with McDonald’s halfway), and the much talking and silent thinking that came with it. Cool breezes and little red berries shining against the dull brown of cypress trees. And in the evening we went ice skating. Even with my own so very limited skills, it was like flying – like freedom. I don’t think you could have wiped the smile off my face.


This year is going to be strange, I think, and wonderful. It’s the inevitable effect of a looming graduation and encroaching adulthood (which is odd, very odd). It’ll be a year of many lasts; and many firsts as well (oh, melodrama is so hard to avoid; but I can’t escape the feeling that this year has to be different, all the same). It feels strange already, like I’m beginning an end and approaching a bigger beginning. But He is the beginning and the end, and His mercies are new each morning of this odd and beautiful year. Great is His faithfulness.


//One effect of this being such a momentous year is that I’m rather busy. While blogging is definitely a priority, it also takes up quite a bit of time and energy to do two posts per week, so for now I’m dialing it down to one; hopefully it’ll be on Mondays, possibly I’ll switch to Wednesdays. We’ll see. As always, thank you for taking the time to peruse this eclectic little corner of the internet!//


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