Waiting and Not-Quite-Winter // February 2017 Monthly Wrap Up

Well, here we are again. It’s really hard to believe that it’s almost the end of February already… Florida kind of likes to defy expectations of any sort, and just when you’re getting used to the idea that it’ll be 80+ degrees from now until October, you walk outside in the morning and it’s under 50. (Why do I talk about the weather so much at the start of these posts? It’s not like I ever go outside or anything).


*goes off to check Goodreads*

First of all let me point out that I did make some headway in the nonfiction I’m reading… I just didn’t finish any of them. Here are the ones I did finish:

Wingfeather Tales was so good you guys. There’s going to be a review at some point because there’s no way I can accurately verbalize my thoughts here. After all, a bunch of stories by a bunch of super talented authors, all about Aerwiar, was going to be amazing.

Dreamers Often Lie was… okay? I mean, I loved the idea of hallucinating Shakespeare characters. Not that I would really want Hamlet talking to me about his skull all the time, but the premise is cool. And I really could appreciate how she wove them in with the theme and the character arc. But there was just way too much kissing and parent-hating and glorification of bad choices for me to really enjoy it.

I got Not Abandoned from a giveaway, so it was a nice surprise! It was really eye-opening about the human trafficking that happens all around us.

And A Time to Die came as a big thick paperback from the library, and it was way better than I expected. Not that I expected it to be bad; but most YA sci-fi is kinda the same, and this wasn’t like that at all. The plot is so creative, and the writing was fantastic. Nadine is one of those rare authors who can create realistic, flawed characters who make mistakes and have to deal with the results.

(so sorry for the mini-reviews, it’s been a while since I’ve read this much fiction at once)


God, Jesus, Bible is coming along! It’s a first draft, so it’s pretty horrible, but it’s being written! Other than that, most of my writing has been articles and blog posts… most of which you either have seen or hopefully will see soon. =P


There actually is quite a bit of news in this area, which is mildly surprising. But first, the posts from this month:

Shout Out to the Artists

Of Coffee and Camping Trips

HighwaysAnd this month Song Beyond Silence had its first ever guest post! Kristin Renfer joined us for a special Valentine’s Day article.


Okay, now for the news I said I had. =)

First off, I’ve changed my posting schedule. Sort of. As I mentioned in this post, two posts a week is getting hard to keep up without slacking on certain other responsibilities, so I’m cutting it back to one a week. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll never throw in an extra here and there, and I’m still planning on having at least one piece of original content every week. I think I’m going to keep it on Monday, at least for now… we’ll see where God leads.

Secondly, I’m doing a newsletter! I’m really excited about it. I’m planning on making it a monthly thing – writing and lifey updates, thoughts on whatever Scripture I’m reading/studying/memorizing/thinking about, and maybe some other random stuff. It’s a new adventure, and I’m looking forward to it a lot! You can sign up for it here(at some point I’m going to figure out how to embed it, really I am, but in the words of somebody famous, “it is not this day.”)


A few days ago I discovered Spotify’s mixtapes. Spotify knows me way too well, you guys. It’s this never-ending playlist of chill, mostly indie, Christian music, and I love it so much.

Also, I really like this song, mainly because the first few lines pretty much describe my life as a writer. (Disclaimer, I believe some of this band’s songs aren’t so great; I don’t listen to them all that much, but there are a few good ones.)

//Life in General//

learning to get up early without retreating straight back to my so very comfy bed // learning about economy, although it was more like the life story of the economist // learning that pre-calculus is… not really what i want to spend the rest of my life doing // writing in the afternoons // experimenting with healthy things in the kitchen // tagging along on car rides and learning how to do long exposure shots // thunderstorms and working on a book and dark chocolate of course // evenings of memorization and listening to chill Christian folk music and journalling // lots of (as yet fruitless) job applications and lots of learning to trust in God.

Talk to me! What defined your February? What do you think of the newsletter? Is there anything you specifically want me to talk about in it?


9 thoughts on “Waiting and Not-Quite-Winter // February 2017 Monthly Wrap Up

  1. We’re having a not-quite-winter where I live, too. At least it’s not 80s all the time, right? Learning to trust God is something He’s been teaching me, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! I was wondering, have you gotten any e-mails from me? I’ve sent out the first three chapters of my story, and haven’t heard form you, so I’m thinking the e-mail did the thing it usually does and went to spam. Of course, to judge from your post, you could just have been too busy to notice. I thought I’d ask, if you don’t mind.

    Pre-calculus may not be what you want to spend your life on, but at least you got there. My father did calc. for fun in high school and was a bit disappointed, I think, that both his children are dunces at math. I’m still not able to take college-level math classes.

    I like the idea of a newsletter, though in the interest of full disclosure, I’m thinking of starting one eventually myself and I want to see how well it works first :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yeah, I have been kind of busy, but as you saw I have been enjoying the book. =)
      Yeah, my dad is really good at math too. I get him to help me sometimes, but most of the time it’s such that I can more or less figure it out…
      That would be great! Feel free to email me questions about the newsletter if you want (although I won’t really know how well it works for a few months, I guess =P)


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