Spring TBR

Days of late have been composed of school, job searching, SAT prep, as much writing as possible… and then hopefully there’s some time somewhere for reading. My brother set up a hammock-like phenomenon in our backyard, so I’ve been able to sit out there a couple times and read C.S. Lewis (and spy on the neighbors, just a little bit).

But, being that this is my last year at home, and the last year for a while when I’ll have any kind of time for reading, I set some rather lofty goals. So, although it’s doubtful I’ll be able to finish most of them, here are some books I’d like to read (or finish) in the next few months.

// To Finish //

My dad’s reading Surprised by Joy, and he kept leaving it lying around. And so eventually (I’m sure I was procrastinating something at the time) I picked it up. And just like every other time I read Lewis, I recalled just why I love his writing so much.

Idols of the Heart is wonderful, but I’ve been reading it for a few months now and I really need to finish it. =P

Half-Blood Prince has a really sad story, because I managed to order the audiobook instead of the ebook, and since I never listen to audiobooks I only got halfway through before it returned the library (and honestly, I wasn’t enjoying it that much, but I still want to finish it).

// The Major Projects //


Not actually the edition I’ll be reading… I’m just not sure at the moment which one is on our bookshelf.

I really, really want to read some old books this year. Beowulf was, I believe, a major inspiration to Tolkien (he actually did his own translation of it!).


Speaking of Tolkien… I started the Sil a while back, but I never made it through. It’s such a beautiful book though, and it gives so much background to LotR, that I really want to read it.

// Non Fiction //


Schaeffer was an absolute genius. Aberdeen did a review of this book a while back, and ever since then I knew it was something I needed to read.


Another one I’ve been waiting to get to. I keep hearing about Butterfield’s work, and I feel like this would help me understand some aspects of life and society that I really haven’t experienced.


This one hardly needs any explanation.

// Fiction //


So I loved the first one in this series, but it’s way overdue back at the library. #bookwormproblems


This is that one book that I really want to read, comes highly recommended, and just haven’t gotten around to yet.

So I actually don’t have that much fiction on here, which is kinda sad. But I’m sure I’ll find some others. (I can breeze through a novel in 2-3 days, while fiction takes me that many weeks) And hopefully I can get more time reading in the hammock before it gets too hot outside.

Talk to me! What’s on your spring TBR? What books are you hoping to finally get around to?


3 thoughts on “Spring TBR

  1. I need to finish Shadow of the Almighty… and I’ve just started The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton (who was a genius, which means I should probably read genius Shaeffer like you keep telling me I should! Gah!).

    Yaaay A Time to Speak!


  2. Did you know that Tolkien’s Beowulf translation is published now? I bought it (with a gift card, so I’m not sure how expensive it is) and I have read it. It happens to look nice, too, which is always good. He went about it in the same perfectionist way he wrote everything else, and so it reads a lot like the original Old English as far as rhythm and syntax go, and he mostly used words we get from Anglo-Saxon, so it could be tough reading in some places, but definitely worth it if you like that sort of thing.


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