Into the Sun | NaPoWriMo Week Two

I’ve discovered I’m writing a lot more free verse this year; I’m not sure whether it’s because my style has changed, or just that I’m procrastinating it most nights until it’s almost time for bed and I have to write something quickly.

This one is one of the few rhyming poems I’ve written. I think a lot of the imagery was inspired by Holy Week.

The breeze is a living, breathing thing,
Heaving underneath my wings
It tosses and beats like the waves below
With the sunlight shining on their foam.

The sky is a living, moving shroud,
Blush with resurrection clouds
I dive to meet the waves that crash
At the edge of the water’s flaming path.

The sun is a living, deadly light
That blinds as it bestows new sight
And caught betwixt the waves and sky
I soar to meet that blinking eye.

The picture is either mine or my dad’s; I honestly can’t remember.

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