Guest Posts | DesiringGod and TheRebelution!

Well, I don’t have any poetry today, although Lord willing I shall on Saturday.

This week has been kind of crazy, in a lot of ways. I’ll explain more about it in a future post, I think, but I do want to share part of it – the two guest posts I did this week.

On Tuesday, I got published on DesiringGod!Β This was such a huge blessing, and I literally danced around the house and couldn’t do anything productive for about half an hour after I found out last week. The article was about something very close to my heart – teens and Bible study.

And then today, I have a new article up on TheRebelution. It’s about the Bible Bee – another subject close to my heart (as you know), and closely connected to the first one (that part wasn’t even planned!).

God has been very good, and I’m looking forward to watching Him continue to work!


8 thoughts on “Guest Posts | DesiringGod and TheRebelution!

  1. It’s so neat that you were published on both of those websites! I was so encouraged by both articles. Thanks for the focus on God’s Word! πŸ™‚


  2. So I was browsing through DesiringGod and picking out the articles I might like to read. I opened one on the Bible and Youth and something like that in a new tab and saved it for later. I woke up this morning (I’m all the way in Zambia so you might want to subtract a whole lot hours) and read the piece. And then i saw the author and her age and my heart skipped a bit. I was so humbled and rebuked. I followed the link to the Rebelution and got more humbled and rebuked on their as I saw Teenagers… TEENAGERS… publishing books and being endorsed by prominent writers and pastors. And then i came to your blog and, you guessed it, I got humbled and rebuked. I’m delighted at the work God is doing in the lives of teens like you across the globe. I’m often discouraged to continue with my own writing and blog and reading you is so refreshing. Do keep up? Yes?


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