Sunrise Light | Sketches III

Something I want to be more intentional about is seeing all the little joys of life as gifts of God. About thanking Him for them and letting them point me back to His goodness. I guess that's what I'm trying to do with these posts. Even if I've been sitting in bed on my Kindle for... Continue Reading →

Into the Sun | NaPoWriMo Week Two

I've discovered I'm writing a lot more free verse this year; I'm not sure whether it's because my style has changed, or just that I'm procrastinating it most nights until it's almost time for bed and I have to write something quickly. This one is one of the few rhyming poems I've written. I think a lot... Continue Reading →

Purpose In This Place

I wrote a poem for last year's NaPo that began, "The waiting is the hardest part." It was in a completely different context, but I didn't realize how true it would end up being. Wanting to Witness There's a stereotype about writers - we're hermits who sit at our desk and type words all day. Well,... Continue Reading →

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