Your Art Isn’t Worthless

There's this thing I've noticed about artists. We have a tendency to criticize our own work. What someone else praises, we cringe at. Where someone else sees a breathtaking work of art, we only see the imperfections. When we look at what we've made, we usually see the flaws. I think it's inevitable, to some... Continue Reading →

Spring TBR

Days of late have been composed of school, job searching, SAT prep, as much writing as possible... and then hopefully there's some time somewhere for reading. My brother set up a hammock-like phenomenon in our backyard, so I've been able to sit out there a couple times and read C.S. Lewis (and spy on the... Continue Reading →

Wingfeather Tales // Review

So I'm finally getting around to the promised review of Winfeather Tales! *excited squealing from my corner of the earth* If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, the Wingfeather Tales are a collection of short stories (and one novella) by several different authors, exploring heretofore unknown aspects of the world of Aerwiar (and the backstories of... Continue Reading →


The highways aren't my home. Ribbons of eternal change, the asphalt gleams in the setting sun. Silver backs of a thousand steel-faced creatures toss the light back to the clouds as they rush onward in eternal variations of monotony. A thousand soulless faces, peering from behind glass bulwarks. Ten thousand lives; ten million stories all untold.... Continue Reading →

Shout Out to the Artists

// A letter to all the writers, all the singers of songs, all the artists who have changed my life // The first time I met you was through books. I stepped through the wardrobe or into a boxcar, and I met friends who would stay with me for the rest of my life. I journeyed... Continue Reading →

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